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Privacy Policy

We at make it our utmost priority to protect the privacy of our customers. The personal data that you provide us is kept highly confidential and no other company or person has the right to access it. In the following section of privacy policy, we are going to explain the mechanism through which the data is secured and used to find you the property that suits your need. The data that you enter on our website and the basic information that is required to carry out the process remains private and only used by the official dealers to find you your dream property.

Data Handling and Accumulation

The personal information which includes your personal contact, email and name etc. is recorded by the website so that when in future you login or access the webpage, permission will be granted.

We also use the email to forward any promotional scheme that is running in a specific period of time so you are aware and update about the deals and new properties in the market.

We also sometimes make use of your personal data to analyse and evaluate the company’s webpage. This data is solely used by our own website and is not passed on to other similar businesses at any cost.

The information you provide may be used for purpose of evaluating the analytics and find all the customers a better deal so that their money is invested in a valuable property and greater returns can be achieved.

We sometime collaborate with parties that work for us only, they work on our behalf to optimize the process of finding sources, in these cases your information can be passed to a third party but we never disclose personal data to outsider and so not sale it at nay cost.

Authenticity of Information

We working at property dealer oath to never disclose the data provided by you to us, the data that you provide us with is used to find a property that best suits your demands or even better than that at a rate that fits in your budget.  As it is mentioned, in case of collaboration with an external party we give out information so that the process of research and retrieving is eased. Any information passed on to the third party is strictly protected and not passed outside of company at any cost.

We have cyber security experts with us that help us in securing our systems and data so that you the security of your information is guaranteed and your personal information is strictly protected against misuse.

The customers are given full hold over giving the information you have ultimate right to not submit information that is exposed to security threats, you are given full authority over not agreeing to our terms.


We at have excessive property information, however we do not take responsibility of any damage at the property after deal is complete.

We are not responsible for the property that is bought already.

We recommend our customers to thoroughly go through our policy to avoid future inconvenience.

Legal Disclaimer

We assure that no information is disclose, in case of cyber crime we can not take responsibility as we are exposed to threat at the time.

About Cookie

The information you used to login is stored by the website to enable future activity.

We use Google ad server as our affiliate or third party.

Google has authority over cookie to display Google ads.

Google utilizes Dart cookie to display appropriate ads that are relevant to the content of webpage when customer visit it.

Reviewed Policy

We at have full authority to change our privacy policy with time. We may alter our terms depending on the situations. We will announce any changes, however, it is advisable to read privacy policy when contacting us.