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Terms & Conditions

We here at have the following terms and conditions, before making any deal with us it is advisable to go through this section. If you agree with all of the following conditions then only proceed with any kind of agreement that you want to make with us.

Basics of the Agreement

You will be required to issue a form that is available online with the information that is required.

The terms and conditions can be reviewed time to time and it is compulsory for customers to agree with the present terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions stated on this webpage are only applicable for the PropertyDealer we do not take responsibility for any other website (the changes in terms and conditions can be made from time to time).

Ay other information provided by the PropertyDealer to you is advised to be kept confidential especially from similar kind of businesses.

If any terms and conditions are violated, legal charges can be charged by us on you, hence, it is advisable to keep up with the rules.


The Property Dealer is the ultimate solution to all your property related concerns, we provide all the information you need to get closer to your dream property. You can lease or buy property by looking for suitable property on our website. It is emphasized that the web functionality may defer depending upon the kind of device you make use of, to login to our website.

To get access to our services you may apply using a form that is officially available on the webpage, it may have questions to evaluate your demand. We at have full authority over accepting or rejecting a form if the conditions are not meet. We make you have a separate deal with the official owner of house in case of any leasing.

The software of the webpage takes all necessary measures to make the information reach us but in any inconvenience the customers are advised to apply again.

If at any point PropertyDealer makes a decision to mitigate or alter a service then PropertyDealer may do so by giving the customer a notice. We may transfer you an altered service or a service that compensate for your demand.  We shall also cancel to work for you in case of any inconvenience. If for your own personal reason to cancel the deal you may not get a refund back.

We do not provide any services accept that are listed in our services. We do not offer any customized packages or training of any sort.

We only own one webpage if you see any similar webpage that is not owned by us.

Our Commitment to Customers

We at PropertyDealer try our best to provide premium service but we do not guarantee ant faultless services in the future as inconveniences may take place.

We as PropertyDealer do not show or take guarantee if you access to the website is denied. The access may be denied for various reasons and one of them can be violating the agreement so customers are advised to protect the terms and conditions of the deal.

Our website is free of viruses and cyber threat in case you deal with any we are not to be blamed.

We may close down the website in case of maintenance or load, the notice will be clearly provided in these cases.